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Town of Campbell Fire Department opens doors for community support

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Town of Campbell, WI (WXOW) -

The Town of Campbell Fire Department held an open house on Saturday, opening their doors to the community in an effort to gain support for a new fire engine.

Fire Engine #2 was brought to the department in 1982, making it 36 years old.

And that age is beginning to show.

When the engine was built, firefighters would ride on the back of trucks to emergency scenes. But following countless injuries to first responders, that practice was soon stumped. Today, fire trucks have cabs where responders can sit safely inside.

Fire Engine #2 does not.

The aging water pump on the engine is also failing. When out on calls, it has a history of repeated failure. It can not pump enough water in a timely manner, resulting in a less efficient response effort. Today, fire trucks can pump water at a rate of 100 PSI or above.

Fire Engine #2 does not.

Both of these inadequacies chalk up to not meeting standards.

Fire Engine #2 falls below both the National Institute of Occupation Safety Health and the National Fire Protection Agency standards.

If that wasn't enough, Engine #2 also suffers from an inoperable water deck cannon, a leaking water tank, inadequate cab space, out-dated radios, various rust spots, and multiple other equipment ailments or inadequacies that have come with growing age.

In an effort to bring in new, safer, and more efficient wheels, the Town of Campbell Fire Department held an open house on Saturday, March 10, ahead of a community vote.

Several volunteer department members were in attendance and ready to show people around the station. Members would teach visitors about Fire Engine #2, it's history, and the need for an update to better benefit the Campbell community.

Fire Chief Nate Melby could not emphasize enough the effort put in by the volunteer fire fighters, and hopes the community will turn up to support the department in return by voting yes for a new fire engine.

"Our fire department has been serving our community for 71 years, and day or night, our volunteers, they get out of bed, they come on weekends, to help our residents when they have a need," Melby said. "We're always here to support them, but now we're asking for them to support us, because we have a dire need and we really need their help."

Chief Melby estimates that if the replacement proposal passes on April 3, it could take the department an additional nine months to receive the new fire truck.

The Campbell Fire Department plans to hold a second open house on Saturday, March 24, for the community to continue learning about Engine #2.

The Town of Campbell can cast their vote for the proposed Engine #2 replacement on Tuesday, April 3.

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