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Bangor community support drives athletes to success

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Green Bay, WI (WXOW) -

Out of Bangor's three trips to state in school history, only their first appearance in 1997 produced a state title which leaves behind a legacy that motivates this championship team.

"These girls have looked at these pictures and they understood it, the fans know that this is the ultimate goal and after last year they are hungry to make it back," Bangor Athletic Director Kevin Kravik describes.

The Cardinals lost in the semifinals of last year's state tournament and with the support of the fans, they compete at this year's championship game.

"Well with being a small community you know everybody, so knowing the people on the court is a great thing and they just want to be out here supporting them," Bangor High School student Caden Servais says.

In a tight-knit community like Bangor, players leave everything on the court for the people in the stands.

"Because there is a level of expectation, and that level of expectation comes from the fans but it also comes from the previous players that came through the program," Kravik elaborates.

The unwavering support helps athletes give it all they can but the drive to succeed can only come from the players.

"The legacy comes from within. We look at the banners in our gym and they look at the state championship banner or the state trophy, and there is that goal to be that good so they can get their name on the wall too," Kravik continues.

Getting a trophy of their own is their main goal but support from the community will be unwavering regardless of the outcome.

"You're going home with a ball, that's your main goal whether that be gold or whether that be silver, it's something that you can take with you for the rest of your life," Kravik concludes.

"Just being in Green Bay with them is great, they made it here and most teams don't do that," Servais finishes.

In the end, the Cardinals travel back to the Coulee Region with their own golden ball.

The Bangor community celebrates their championship team with a welcome home pep rally on the night of their win.

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