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Logan students call for stricter gun legislation in school demonstration

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Following a candlelight vigil honoring Parkland victims in Riverside Park weeks prior, Logan High School students are now turning their voices to the political side of the gun debate.

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“This was just the final straw for me,” said junior Libby Miller.

“Students aren't going to stay silent any longer,” said junior Alice Ragan, who previously organized the candlelight vigil. “We're going to talk about what we think will make us safe.”

A demonstration took place in Logan's gymnasium at 10:00 a.m. following in footsteps of nation-wide walk out protests planned this week. Student organizers Alice Ragan and Libby Miller said they settled on an indoor demonstration to avoid potential safety risks.

“We have been talking with our school administrators all week,” Ragan said. “We both agreed that it would be safer for all the students to hold it inside rather than outside.”

The district did not allow media inside for the demonstration or for any students to take cell video, citing school policy. Ragan and Miller said the message in that demonstration reflected that of the national movement: asking lawmakers to enact stricter background checks, age limitations, and restrictions on certain types of high-powered semi-automatic firearms.

“I think all of us realize that we need change, one way or another,” Ragan said.

“Putting limitations on what kind of guns and who to sell to is a good step in the right direction,” Miller said, in reference to Dick's Sporting Goods and Walmart changing their gun policies.

In response to that movement, some like President Trump argued for arming and training teachers. Others at the state level like Governor Scott Walker are looking to increase and improve school safety precautions through legislation.

“We all disagree with teachers being armed at school,” Ragan said.

“I personally wouldn't feel safer if I knew my teacher had a gun in their desk or on them,” Miller said.

Following a similar push, Florida Governor Rick Scott signed gun control legislation with a compromise of ideas from both sides including stricter gun control and the possibility of training teachers should both the district and the local sheriff's department sign off on it.

Students like Ragan and Miller said they want to continue their message and see similar change happen closer to home.

The Logan students' demonstration is part of the National School Walk Out protests planned for March 14. Onalaska, Central, Holmen and Tomah students have protests planned for that date.


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