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Bangor community shows big spirit at state semi-final game

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What the Bangor community lacks in size they make up for in spirit. Fans say all of the emotion can be summed up by one phrase: It's a great day to be a Bangor Cardinal.

It is a small town that has recently found itself at the center of the state stage.

"It's amazing watching them end their season here," said Elizabeth Nicolai, senior at Bangor High School. "They came last week to support us in Green Bay, and so, we wanted to come here and return the favor for them."

Members of the Division 5 Champion Bangor Girls Basketball Team were among fans cheering on the boys at their state semi-final game on Friday morning.

"The kids are putting the place on the map. It really is," said Kevin Kravik, Athletic Director for the Bangor School District. "For a community of 1,200 people, we're doing great things, and it just keeps getting better and better."

It was easy to spot Bangor fans in the crowd. Six hundred Cardinal fans showed their support at the Kohl Center, and Kravik says that the school district sold more than 300 tickets in under fifteen minutes.

It was not hard to hear the Bangor fans, either.

"It's just awesome being in such a huge gym," said Isaac Bachmann, junior at Bangor High School. "It's just fun being able to play pep band and do this in front of a huge crowd."

Loud chants and cheers filled the arena as the number on the scoreboard continued to climb; however, the amount of support left some speechless.

"There's just no words," said Laura Nicolai, a Bangor fan. "Just the support and the--just how much everyone is behind us. It's just crazy."

The Bangor Boys Basketball Team walked away with a huge win, earning a ticket to the Division 5 Championship game. More than half of the Bangor community will be in Madison watching from the stands, and cheering on their own the entire way.

The numbers in the fan section were big on Friday in part because school was canceled. Students celebrated that decision from the stands.

Fans tell News 19 that the support goes beyond athletics. No matter what the accomplishment is, it is about standing behind the kids in their endeavors.

The Bangor Boys Basketball Team will play McDonnell Central Catholic on Saturday morning at 11:05 a.m for the Division 5 title. Those heading to Madison can get tickets for the game at the Kohl Center gates.

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