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Boys bring home third state title for Bangor High School in one year

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Bangor High School saw incredible success this year in athletics, bringing home the gold ball in football, another state title just last week for girls basketball and Saturday, the boys made history by bringing home the gold for the first time in over 80 years.

"First for football and then for girls basketball... people have been asking does it get old? And no, it just keeps coming," said sophomore Nathaniel Wiggins.

82 years since the boys last went the state, they became the third team in just one year for Bangor High School to win a state title. That is a first in Wisconsin history as well.

"To be the first boys to win a football and a girls and boys basketball, I mean... these kids deserve it," said Bangor fan Brian Kapanke.

Such impressive seasons for Bangor get a lot of help from fan support but the real drive comes first from the players out on the court.

"It all starts though with the kid," said Bangor's Athletic Director Kevin Kravik. "The kid has to be motivated intrinsically and then it carries over."

For Cardinal fans, their big moments go beyond the game and strengthens their bonds.

"Everybody's a family here.," Wiggins said. "At school there's some different groups, but here we're all a student section just cheering everybody on."

"That's what's really unique about Bangor is that the fans travel, they support all the kids and it's just a wonderful atmosphere," Kravik said.

It was an atmosphere made all the more special by the history-setting year and the tenacity of the team hungry for gold.

"You get to a state game, it's usually down to the last seconds and these kids, they've just closed it out by the first half, it's just been amazing," Kapanke said.

The cardinal boys won 91-67 over McDonnell Central Catholic. Bangor was escorted back into town by the police and fire departments and greeted by a very excited and proud community in the high school gymnasium.

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