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Apps in Facebook are collecting your personal information

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(ABC) -- You may be surprised to learn that you're likely playing a prodigious role in how much information you’re openly giving Facebook access to, and in turn, their third-party partners -- like apps.

Of all the apps you’re using right now on your smart devices and even desktop computers, you’ve possibly given most of them access to your Facebook profile as well as personal data, including contact information.

Restricting your Facebook information from apps, even ones you’ve used only once before is one of the first and mot reliable of steps you can take in safeguarding your information across the Internet.

In light of Cambridge Analytica's unauthorized access of user data that was then used in the 2016 presidential election, many users are wondering how companies gain access to all of that personal data.

Typically, users grant access to a variety of third-party apps during the normal course of using Facebook, but then those apps reside quietly in your phone collecting data.

Watch the video above to find out which apps are part of your Facebook and how to manage or delete them.

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