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New study looking for ways to screen and detect pancreatic cancer sooner

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

The Mayo Clinic made a major announcement this week concerning research for pancreatic cancer, the first of it's kind.

Mayo is looking to recruit 3000 patients for the Recent Elevated Glucose and Recent Diabetes Study (or "Regard" for short). The study will collect blood samples over a 3 year period to help find the best way to screen for the early detection of pancreatic cancer. It is one of the fastest growing concerns, especially among baby boomers. Doctors believe there is a correlation between the development of diabetes and pancreatic cancer.

"The fact that we have absolutely no screening tool to pick out people who are at risk for this outside of certain cancer family syndromes and hereditary syndromes is very difficult for us," said Michael Van Norstrand, Mayo's Director of the Office of Research Management.

"The risk is only about double that of anyone else who doesn't have diabetes," said Mayo Clinic Professor of Epidemiology Gloria Petersen. "We think that people who have pancreatic cancer will develop diabetes early on, but it's a few years before their diagnosis of pancreatic cancer."

Eligible patients for the study are above the age of 50 who are just discovering higher than normal glucose levels. Patients throughout western Wisconsin will be contacted with an invitation to participate in the study.

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