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Bomb-making suspect had white supremacist literature along with explosives according to unsealed records

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Unsealed court records in connection with a bomb making suspect in Beaver Dam show investigators found potential, homemade bombs, and white supremacist literature in the suspect's apartment after a March explosion in the unit.

The explosion killed suspect Benjamin Morrow, and damaged his unit and other parts of his Beaver Dam apartment complex.  Authorities said removing materials from the blast scene was too dangerous, so a controlled detonation, and later a controlled burn were used to destroy the potentially explosive material.

Unsealed Dodge County court search warrant records show state justice department division of criminal investigation agent Kevin Heimerl found thirteen medium sized jars of potentially "...finished TATP explosive material" in the apartment refrigerator.  Experts say TATP is often seen used in homemade explosives and has been found in bombings worldwide.  Heimerl said containers labeled TATP were found in Morrow's apartment garage.

In the unsealed court records, Heimerl described the scene in the apartment as a "homemade explosive laboratory," with instructions found on the manufacture of homemade explosives.

Search warrant records also show Morrow may have had interest in white supremacy.

"Within his bedroom, literature has been found concerning white supremacy groups,"  Heimerl stated in justifying search efforts of Morrow's lap top computer and electronic devices.

"Yes, he did have white supremacy material,"  Beaver Dam Police Detectives Lieutenant Terrence Gebhardt tells our Madison affiliate WKOW 27 News. 

But Gebhardt says investigators have not been able to link Morrow to any group.  "I'm making no conclusions as to why he had the material," Gebhardt says.

Court records also show investigators identified a Fremont man who Morrow may have had phone contact with in proximity to the time of the explosion.  But Gebhardt says it was determined the man was not integral to the Beaver Dam situation.

The unsealed documents show guns and hundreds of rounds of ammunition were in Morrow's apartment, as well as a ballistic helmet and vest, and exploding targets.

Records show a Town of Beaver Dam storage unit rented by Morrow was searched by investigators.  Storage unit co-owner Mike Firchow tells 27 News law enforcement personnel bore a hole in the unit's wall to insert a camera and ensure there were no bombs inside.  Firchow says there was nothing inside the unit, that Morrow rented for only a few days before giving Firchow notice he was terminating the storage rental.

The 28-year old Morrow attended a Christian college in Pensacola, Fla, and worked for a pharmaceutical company in Madison prior to living in Beaver Dam. At time of the explosion and his death, Morrow worked for Richelieu Foods in Beaver Dam in quality control.  Unsealed search warrant records state co-workers "...described a smell like moth balls" coming from Morrow.

"It adds significance to our investigation,"  Gebhardt says.  "Depending on the odor, what it was he was making, or if he was attempting to mask an odor.

Gebhardt says the investigation continues, with Morrow's motives, and potential target unclear.

"We have no clear cut path to follow,"  Gebhardt says.

The explosion permanently displaced more than a dozen other renters in the apartment complex.

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