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Artist given green light for parking ramp mural

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

A local artist has been given the green light for a major mural on the Main Street parking ramp in La Crosse.

The City of La Crosse Arts Board approved of a final design Friday morning. The mural depicts three characters lifting each other up, meant to represent community helping one another.

Artist Landon Sheely will be tackling the project. This will be a first for him on such a large scale.

"It's a little strange," Sheely said "It's just tall. It's only 10 feet wide, but it's some 40 feet tall."

Sheely is working with City Council Representative Jacqueline Marcou on the mural project. They hope to begin painting sometime in May, but given Wisconsin's sometimes erratic weather, they say they are flexible.

"We just have to rope off the site for the most part, but we have to find a good week that isn't going to snow," Sheely said.

Conversation continues to surround the now infamous "Hatched Baby" statue outside La Crosse City Hall, both positive and negative. Sheely believes that's a good thing and is what art is all about.

"I love it," Sheely said. "I just love art being in the community. I love it just being out there, making people talk. It's really interesting that everyone feels like they have to have a comment about it."

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