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Final day of FIRST Robotic's Seven Rivers Regional

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

Saturday was the final round of FIRST Robotic's Seven Rivers Regional, and with qualifying rounds complete the real competition began on Saturday.

Every year students design robots to complete challenges and this year the game is power up. Teams collect and stack power cubes in order to out-score the opposing team.

With teams required to win a majority of three matches students gain experience making high-pressure decisions.

"You can decide, 'Do we want to play defense?' because there is defense played in this event as well, but then the other alliance might change their strategy," Seven Rivers Regional Planning Chair Steve Bissen describes.

"So it's a chess match but at high speed, obviously in a match that's only two and a half minutes long, things happen fast," Bissen continues.

Over 50 high schools participate in the event, making an impact on the La Crosse economy.

"We have 53 teams here covering from five states. The restaurants have been very busy, I've had a chance to visit with a few of the owners and they are just happy, hotel rooms lots of hotel rooms. We did the math heading into last year's event and we figure this probably has an immediate, about a million dollar impact on the local economy," Bissen elaborates.

Teams compete for a chance to participate at the Global Robotics Championships held April 25-28 in Detroit.

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