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High speed chases up statewide

Eau Claire (WQOW) - -

High speed chases are nothing new in Wisconsin but are they becoming more common?

USA Today Network said high speed chases are up 200 percent in Wisconsin.

State Patrol Sergeant Kirk Danielson said high speed chases usually happen because of a traffic violation, and the driver decides to flee. 

Danielson said the chase will usually end if they know who the person is, or if it becomes too dangerous. 

"We'll go months without having any, and then all of the sudden we will have two or three in a week. It's just something we can't predict because we don't know why someone's going to run from us," Danielson said.

If you're in a high speed chase, you could be looking at a felony on top of the traffic citations or any other offenses that occurred during the chase. 

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