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Propane school bus line reducing cuts to North Crawford curriculum

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Crawford County, WI -

You are probably aware of people fueling vehicles with gasoline or diesel, but propane is starting to be used for more than just heating your home.

Since buying their first propane school bus in 2016 the alternative fuel replaces three out of the North Crawford School District's five buses.

"And we do have plans to hopefully buy a fourth one in the coming year or two," North Crawford School District Business Manager Demetri Andrews explains.

Andrews says potential savings of propane initially drew him in.

"Financially it seemed like a good idea. We were spending a lot of time and money on diesel-related repairs, especially on older buses, but we're almost three years into it now and we haven't had any major issues," Andrews continues.

While the switch is good for the budget, benefits of propane continue past the pocketbook.

"When you couple in the emission benefit, it's domestically sourced, easier to work on and maintain, we're not compromising range, it's quieter, all those things a school district can market and promote." President of ROUSH CleanTech Todd Mouw describes.

With a rural community like North Crawford students rely on busing to get to school.

"Between the two towns of Gays Mills and Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin, all of our kids are either bused here, get a ride from someone, or drive themselves. No one can walk," Andrews said.

Propane also offers the opportunity to reduce fuel costs.

"Propane has the lowest cost of infrastructure of any fuel, including gasoline or diesel. Typically a propane company is willing to put in a propane station for little to no cost because there is guaranteed demand," Mouw concludes.

The district does have an on-site propane station. The feature creates budget space by allowing the district to purchase propane for the year in bulk at a reduced price. Those savings allow the district to focus on more important costs.

"Any savings that we can see in fuel goes directly to the classroom and not the fuel tank," Andrews finishes.

North Crawford School District is not the only organization making the switch to propane. The La Crosse Police Department also utilizes propane with 17 vehicles fitted to use the fuel.

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