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Walking around the world to broaden horizons

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Pastor John Halvorsen has walked from the North Pole to the South Pole, America's west coast to the east, across Europe into Asia and on Saturday he stopped in La Crosse.

Halvorsen has many reasons for the journeys but the inspiration for his overall cause is to spread the word of God around the world. He aims to help people find what he calls a new awakening.

"One of the fruits of a true awakening or true revival is the walls of denominationalism come down, you could care less if the person is this or that," Halvorsen continues, "The question is, 'have you met God, do you know how radically in love with you he is?' that kind of thing."

That new awakening is described as a resurgence in the belief of god, but he does not restrict that to any one religion.

Halvorsen is in La Crosse preparing for his next walk starting in October and will be speaking at Connect Church in Onalaska Sunday, April 28 starting at 10 a.m.

The next walking journey will take him across the United States through Route 66 starting in Los Angeles. 

If you're interested in learning about Halvorsen's journey and would like to know more, you can contact him at (218) 391-9810 or email him at Jchalvorsen@aol.com

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