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Medical Monday: Stroke Awareness Month

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In this week's Medical Monday Dr. Sunil Mutgi, Gundersen neurologist, discussed Stroke Awareness Month to help you know the signs of a stroke and get help immediately.

According to, a stroke can impact anyone of any age, and when it happens to you or a loved one you want access to excellent care right away. As the area's first Primary Stroke Center, Gundersen offers the highest level of specialized care, whether someone has suffered a stroke, is rehabbing following a stroke or is looking to prevent one.

If someone is concerned they have risk factors that may increase their chances of having a stroke, we will look at ways to prevent a stroke from occurring. If someone experiences stroke symptoms, we provide a rapid, comprehensive evaluation once they arrive in the emergency room to determine whether they are having a stroke or a mini-stroke-known as a transient ischemic attack (TIA). You can expect expert, coordinated care from the moment you or your loved one enter our doors through the stroke recovery.

Stroke strikes suddenly, BE FAST!

B = Loss of coordination and Balance
E = Loss of vision or double vision (Eyes)
F = Weakness on one side of the Face
A = Arm or leg weakness on one side
S = Difficulty speaking or understanding Speech
T = Terrible, sudden headache

Know the symptoms and call 911 immediately at the first signs of stroke.

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