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Trash fills Pettibone Beach after busy weekend

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Trash piles up at Pettibone Beach Trash piles up at Pettibone Beach
La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

A summer-like weekend brought hundreds of people out to Pettibone Beach in La Crosse, but sadly they didn't leave the park as they found it.

Instead the revelers left trash all over the beach. La Crosse Parks and Rec officials say crews worked to clean up the bottles, cans and cardboard all day and still had work to be done.

Supervisors say it's okay to bring things to the beach, but pick up after yourself.

"If it's left on the ground, it's going to end up somewhere else in the park or in the water, which makes clean up even more challenging for us," Supervisor Dan Trussoni said. "So instead of leaving it on the ground, take it home with you or find a different area to dispose of it that would be greatly appreciated." 

There is one item Trussoni says shouldn't be brought to the beach.

"We found a lot of cans and bottles. We ask that you don't use glass at the beach for obvious reasons. We don't want that in the sand or the water. It's a safety hazard as it is. So please keep all glass objects away from the beach," He explained.

If you find a trash can overflowing at any of the parks, you can call the Parks Department to notify them. They will do their best to get it cleaned quickly.

Their number is 608-789-7533.

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