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City of La Crosse removes over a dozen abandoned boats from Municipal Harbor

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

Clean-up issues down at the boat harbor are throwing a wrench in the original restoration budget plans, set at $1.8 million dollars.

The Parks Department in La Crosse will ask the full city council Thursday night for an extra $250,000 to help continue clean-up of the Municipal Boat Harbor. That money would come from leftover funding from other parks projects, according to superintendent Jay Odegaard.

Some variables like hazardous material clean up and over a dozen abandoned boats left in rusted and decaying shape have increased the need for funding. The city removed the former owners' boats who either did not respond to a legal notice, or did and had no intention of doing anything with them. The Parks Department said they knew going into this project there would be some abandoned material, just not sure how much.

"It was a significant amount," Odegaard said. "It's surprising how a 50-foot houseboat can just get lost in the shuffle, but apparently it happens."

Any boats with steel hulls were able to be scrapped, which should return some of the money spent removing them. The rest had to be taken to the landfill. 

While searching for the owners, Odegaard said they found that some of the boats had been sitting there for 20 years.

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