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Walker stops in Onalaska to encourage signing up for Child Tax Credit

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

Governor Walker made a stop in Onalaska Thursday encouraging parents to sign up for the child tax credit.

The governor said already over 200,000 have signed up for the $100 per-child tax credit, that's just since Tuesday of this week. He also took time to tout the state's lowest unemployment rate in history, 2.8%, and says this proves policies in the state are working.

"It's working when it comes to jobs and the economy," Walker said. "It's working when it comes to our families and giving them a break as they go back to school. It's working in terms of lower property and income taxes. Wisconsin's working overall."

In response to critics saying that Wisconsin's lower unemployment rate is just following national trends, Walker implied that those critics must then be in an awkward position saying that the national economy under President Trump is working well. 

While the national unemployment rate was at 10% in October of 2009, Wisconsin's sat at 9.1%. In contrast, Minnesota sat near 8% in May of the same year. Currently, Wisconsin is at 2.8% while Minnesota sits at 3.1% (the national average is currently 4.1%), both showing a long slow downward trend over seven years despite wildly differing political policies in each state.

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