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Royal Wedding is a real-world fairytale

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With the royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle fast approaching, interest in the Coulee Region begins to rise.

For some perspective, nearly 23 million Americans tuned in to the 2011 royal wedding between Kate Middleton and Prince William. With the soon-to-be princess born in America even more are expected to watch this year.

"It resonates with them, it feels incredibly familiar because it's similar to the kinds of stories that many people, although certainly not all, that many people grew up with," University of Wisconsin-La Crosse Professor of Sociology Dr. Timothy Gongaware elaborates, "the fairy tales, the kings and the queens, princes, and princesses, challenging villains and overcoming adversity and those sorts of things. It has those sorts of things so it feels familiar."

According to Gongaware, the fairytale story of becoming a princess is one Americans can connect with.

"We've become more and more focused on those individual stories of self-reliance, those individual stories of entrepreneurship and upward mobility, and so watching the individuals, the royal family, watching the future princess and her story unfolding, that does tend to speak to us," Gongaware explains.

La Crosse residents also find the story inspiring.

"She was just a regular person from the US and now she's going to be a princess, so it's kind of insane," Emily Pyatt of La Crosse continues, "yes, I guess it provides hope for girls around the world."

Not only hope of becoming a princess one day but hope that their other dreams may come true as well.

"Those are the stories we focus on so that we can find that upward mobility, dream of that time when we're going to be rich. That idea that anybody can be president, that idea that anybody can be a CEO or CFO, that idea that we can sort of make any dream come true," Gongaware describes. 

Others in La Crosse observe the royal wedding as a way for others to escape their reality.

"Some people are trying to maybe live through another person, ya know, they see all these Disney movies and maybe, 'oh this is like a real-life Disney movie,' in a sense and maybe it gives people hope," Tyler Westpfahl of La Crosse discloses.

Despite personal opinions of the royal wedding, the story attracts people from various walks of life.

"I think it is because she might be from the states and she has not lived that lifestyle, she's not from that lifestyle so it's completely new for her and even her family," Jessica Matzek of La Crosse finishes.

Good Morning America will begin coverage of the royal wedding at 4 a.m. on May 19, the ceremony will also be streamed live on the WXOW app and

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