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Trempealeau Co. DA: Recall organizers should 'get their facts right before lying to the public'

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Trempealeau County District Attorney Taavi McMahon Trempealeau County District Attorney Taavi McMahon
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The war of words escalated Monday with the response from the man at the center of a recall effort in Trempealeau County. 

District Attorney Taavi McMahon issued a statement saying he was 'disappointed' about the recall committee formed. He accused the two people that started the committee, Osseo Police Chief William Prudlick and Osseo Police Officer Daniel McQuillan, of not coming to him with the issues the mentioned in paperwork filed with the state. 

In the statement, McMahon said, "They must have missed the many times I let all law enforcement know that I have an open door-open phone policy for law enforcement as well as the residents of our county."

The two filed paperwork last month to start gathering signatures for a recall. 

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They have 60 days from May 22 to get more than 2,682 signatures to force a recall.

McMahon's statement also questioned the accuracy of the claims made by the two men. "These two officers are spreading innuendo and misinformation thereby misleading the public into a political process that only distracts from what we need to focus on, namely public safety."

The statement touted the work by the DA's Office regarding child protective cases and alternative sentencing programs for low-risk, first-time offenders.

Regarding child services, McMahon said the officers have 'misstated and misinoformed' on the issue. "They would have been well advised to get their facts right before lying to the public. We have always treated our counties social workers with respect and consistently honor their professionalism as well as the hard work they do."

Paperwork filed by McQuillan with the state, it said that part of the reason for the recall was that "Social workers regularly express concern about his reckless approach to handling Child Protective Service matters."

Besides defending the child services efforts, McMahon pointed to the work on solutions to issues such as the methamphetamine epidemic as part of the reason for people to be against the recall. 

McMahon is currently on leave from the District Attorney's Office for what he's said were health reasons. 

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