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June is a dangerous month for car versus deer collisions

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

Car versus deer collisions are becoming more frequent throughout the area with the change of season.

Whitetail deer and their offspring are creating hazards on local roadways and interstates. Kathy Kasakaitas, the animal control supervisor at the Coulee Region Humane Society, says "When you're driving this time of year, I look ditch to ditch my whole ride wherever I'm going. My head is on a swivel. Looking for those eyes at night from your headlights and stuff like that. And just drive slow when you know there's a lot of deer in the area."

The mother deer are usually out foraging for food during the day, and sometimes that can bring them and their offspring across roadways. There are two times during the day that you should be extra vigilant. Kathy added, "The deer will usually come out early morning and at dusk, which are the two hard times to see them. They blend in with the backgrounds and that's their reasoning. They blend in with the backgrounds to not be seen."

Warmer weather and another offspring, of the nuisance variety, may also be driving the deer from wooded areas to interstates. Tracy Proksch, the repair process manager at Schaller Jacobson on the southside says, "In the spring, when we're starting to get the warm weather and all the batches of the insects like mosquitoes and gnats are really, really creeping up. It's a bad time of year. They don't want to stay. They're bugging them as much as they're bugging us."

A small accident or a total loss, Schaller Jacobson deals with it all. They currently have a total loss in their lot from a car hitting a deer at 80 mph. It's a tough decision, but hitting the deer is the right decision. Proksch adds, "Unless you can control your swerve where you know you're not going to hit anything else, or anyone else; hit the deer. There is a difference between a comprehensive and collision loss. You're always safer hitting something; even though the deer is solid, a deer is going to give way more than a guard rail or vehicle."

Keep in mind, as the summer travel season ramps up for you, it does so for deer as well. Car versus deer crashes should always be reported to local law enforcement and local municipalities. The sooner you report your collision, the sooner local street departments can get the deceased deer off the road.

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