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Opening day for La Crosse public pools

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

The Erickson and the North Side Community Pools are now open for the summer.

Despite the cloudy weather people still celebrated opening day with a swim on Friday. Throughout the summer each pool will stay open through rain showers as long as lifeguards can still see the bottom. More severe weather will cause the pools to shut down over safety concerns.

"In terms of lighting and thunder, thunder and lighting, any strike or anything like that is 30 minutes from the previous strike, so if it lightnings at 12:34 we are closed for a half hour and if there's any additional lights it's a half-hour from that strike," Aquatics Coordinator for the City of La Crosse Stefanie Fitzsimmons continues, "if we know it's going to storm for the entirety of the day, we will just close," Fitzsimmons finishes.

Throughout every summer lifeguards spend their time keeping pool-goers safe in the water. With lifeguard positions still available for this season, the job provides a summer full of new experiences.

"The opportunity is to provide safety as well as meeting families that come to the pools frequently. You get very involved in those kinds of families that are frequent visitors. You get to know kids, you get to watch them grow up over the summers, it's really exciting to come back and see how much they've grown and learned," Fitzsimmons concludes.

Job applications can be found on the City of La Crosse website, and can be turned in to the Black River Beach Neighborhood Center.

To find out if either pool in La Crosse is open any day throughout the summer each facility has a hotline people can call.

Erickson Pool Hotline - (608) 791-8918

North Side Community Pool - (608) 791-8956

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