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Overcoming construction season

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La Crosse, WI (WXOW) -

Any motorists that frequent La Crosse may have encountered the construction on Losey Boulevard over the last few weeks.

While it will make for a smoother trip upon completion, for now, drivers must make accommodations while on the road.

In Wisconsin, sometimes construction season leads right into winter. By being aware of the variables in their commute motorists can breeze right past the road work and on to their destination.

Construction can change the things you do on the road every day, whether that is the speed or where you are able to turn.

"There's a law that says you have to follow the indicated sign, so all of a sudden there's a sign that says no left turn, that might be a potential ticket for you if you do try a left-hand turn," Special Operations Officer for the La Crosse Police Department Officer Kurt Weaver describes.

With the impact construction has on traffic, a few simple steps can make your life as smooth as the new roads the city will soon have.

"People just need to be aware that it's going to take a little bit of time, and to plan for that to get through because anytime you have that much traffic congesting into one lane, things back up and slow down," Officer Weaver continues.

When traffic backs up, speeds typically slow down as well.

"People think, 'While I am going slower so I can get closer to the car in front of me.' You should actually give yourself a little bit more distance because there might be sudden stops with construction workers, you never know what could happen," Officer Weaves explains.

Susan Schleifer is the owner of Village Custom Framing in the Village Shopping Center off Losey Boulevard, and drives in from Onalaska almost every day.

"I come down Highway 16 onto Losey Boulevard, it's added maybe five minutes," Susan Schleifer continues, "The only thing is I can't turn left on State Road to get into the Village [Shopping Center]," Schleifer elaborates.

While the construction slows down drivers, it has not made an impact on Schleifer's local business.

"My customers have all said that it's been perfectly fine, they've had no problem getting in and parking. I haven't heard anything negative actually," Schleifer finishes.

Officer Weaver continued to say traffic stops in the Losey area have not gone up since construction. Officer Weaver also described a relatively new traffic law effective in construction areas. The recent legislation makes it illegal to hold a cell-phone, or similar electronic devices, in your hand through construction zones.

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