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Town of Campbell residents honored as community heroes

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Sharon Syverson Sharon Syverson
Timothy Colgan Timothy Colgan
Town of Campbell, WI (WXOW) -

Two Town of Campbell residents received honors as "Community Heroes" for their role in saving three neighbors from a house fire.

Police Chief Andrew Gavrilos gave the honors to Sharon Syverson and Timothy Colgan during a town meeting Tuesday night. Gavrilos said three residents are alive because of their quick and selfless action.

The fire happened on April 28 on the 2600 block of Muth Road around 2:00 AM. Sharon Syverson happened to be delivering newspapers at the time - her job for over 20 years - when she noticed a fire and sprung into action. She called 911 and began honking her horn trying to get someone's attention. That someone ended up being Timothy Colgan, who looked out his window to see what was happening.

"I think [Tim] was was looking out the window wondering what the heck I was doing," Syverson said.

Colgan, who had just returned from a pool tournament that ran very late, heard the honking and thought someone might have been intoxicated.

"She drove up by my window and said there's a fire," Colgan said. "I could see the flames shoot up and then I ran over to the houses."

Colgan began banging on the doors to the home on fire. When a woman finally answered, Colgan explained the situation and the woman, her husband and a boy were able to get to safety.

"You don't sit there and [wonder] should I go knock on the door or shouldn't I?" Colgan said. "It's just, you go take care of your neighbors."

Chief Gavrilos said it was a case of being in the right place at the right time.

"That's thinking that we like to see from a trained officer on how to react," he said. "This is a woman who was out just doing her job at 2:00 AM and she did that. And then for Mr. Colgan to get up and to look out and recognize there was obviously an issue and then to come out and to jump into action as well, it's pretty amazing."

Gavrilos said the Town of Campbell did not have a patrol car working overnight on April 28, so the first responding officer came from Onalaska. That officer happened to be Tim Colgan's nephew, Officer Sean Colgan.

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