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Governor Scott Walker reminds area families of Child Tax Rebate

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Governor Scott Walker spent time in La Crosse on Friday to remind area families to apply for the $100 Child Tax Credit available.

Over 450,000 households have registered for the rebate, with an estimated 200,000 eligible families yet to apply.

Walker also announced the back-to-school sales tax holiday, waiving the sales tax for everyone in Wisconsin for school-related items from August 1-5. School-related items include clothing under $75, computers under $750, school computer supplies under $250, and school supplies under $75.

Walker says it's all in an effort to help maximize the tax rebate's effect on Wisconsin families.

"We just think for families, not just those that are struggling for any families, back to school time is often a challenge, and when it comes to finding the money for clothes, schooling supplies, and even fees that are associated with going back to school, we just think this is critically important to support families in the state," Governor Scott Walker explains.

Walker continues to share experiences with Wisconsin families, and how the news of no sales tax for back to school items will impact them.

"I heard from a young woman over in Sussex, I think it was, who was a single mom. She said, 'I always struggle when the kids are going back to school, this is really a blessing.' and then to tie it in at a time when there's already no sales tax, she said that really stretches the blessing out all the way into school," Governor Walker finishes.

Eligible families have until July second to register for the rebate. 

To apply, visit the Child Sales Tax Rebate website or contact the Hotline at 608-266-5437. The hotline is open 7:45 a.m. through 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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