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Study shows coffee drinkers live longer

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Good news for coffee drinkers, your morning routine may be helping you live longer.

A study of half a million British adults found that coffee drinkers had a lower risk of death over ten years than those who do not drink coffee. The study echoes some research done in the US as well, but health professionals say it doesn't necessarily mean non-coffee drinkers should start and that it's important regular coffee drinkers to keep moderation in mind.

"What the study doesn't do is to say drink more coffee, and to increase that coffee intake," Abby Loos, a registered dietician with the La Crosse County Health Department said. "It's just really reiterating that if you're already a coffee drinker that yes, there are those great health benefits and could potentially help you to live longer."

In the study, nearly half of participants say they drink two to three cups daily, 10,000 said they drink as many as eight cups each day.

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