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Peacock on the loose near Lake Altoona

Altoona (WQOW) - -

Residents near Lake Altoona have noticed an unusual animal in the area in the last week.

"We thought it was a pheasant first, which is normal to see around here, but then when he came out of the flowers and we saw his long tail and coloring, we knew it was a peacock," said Sharon Gatlin and Bob Wagner of Altoona.

The image is a photo they took last week of the peacock, and Tuesday, the bird showed up during our interview.

The couple that lives near the lake says they first spotted the peacock on July 3 in their garden, and after traveling for the holiday weekend they figured the bird would be gone. However, he was still there when they got back. The couple has been trying to take care of the bird by giving him food from time-to-time.

"Tried giving him sunflower seeds," said Gatlin. "He didn't like those, but the bread, he gobbled up the bread."

The couple believes the peacock has been nesting in a quiet wooded area near the shoreline and hasn't left because of the recent warm weather. They have tried to contact the DNR and local zoos but nobody has claimed the bird. 

Our Eau Claire affiliate WQOW spoke with officials at Irvine Park Zoo today, who told them the peacock isn't theirs. 

If you're missing your pet peacock, contact Sharon Gatlin at or at 715-829-4024

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