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Festival Foods selling salmon from Jackson Co. farm


Hixton (WQOW) - "Farm Fresh" is an important food term for many, and now you can get farm fresh fish from a local aquaponics operation in Jackson County.

Superior Fresh broke ground in 2015 for its greenhouse facility, now it's farming Atlantic Salmon, and you can buy that same salmon at Festival Foods.

"When the community sees that it's a local product, it's important to them," said Bryan Vogels from Festival Foods in Eau Claire. "It kind of brings some pride that we're taking something that someone's passionate about in our local community and bringing it into our stores, so that they can be proud that this is from Wisconsin, that this is something that's made in their own back yard."

"Our goal is to bring local organic food to everybody and to do it sustainably," said Superior Fresh President, Brandon Gottsacker. "So, to be able to grow this stuff year round in the middle of Wisconsin and distribute our product anywhere between Minneapolis and Chicago is super important because you all know how difficult it is to get good quality fish and produce throughout the year in Wisconsin."

Gottsacker also told News 18 farmed fish are better and healthier than you think.

"Unfortunately, farm raised salmon, or farm raised fish in general kind of have a bad rep., but we really need to start educating people and telling the story as to why that's not true," said Gottsacker. "Here at Superior Fresh, we control all the inputs, these fish are with no pesticides, no herbicides, no antibiotics, no growth hormones. These fish are non-GMO. In fact, their diet is completely organic certified, and we use all natural ingredients and even the pigment all natural."

Gottsacker also said having a local fish farm is important for several reasons.

Superior Fresh also grows leafy greens and herbs in its greenhouse, and Gottsacker hopes to eventually expand to growing vine produce like tomatoes and cucumbers.

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