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NASA: Perseid meteor shower will peak this weekend


Stay up late or wake up early - either way, scientist suggest this is a good weekend to catch multiple "shooting stars" light the night sky.

The annual Perseid meteor shower is expected to be one of the best potential viewing opportunities of the year.

Scientists are calling this shower an "outburst" - meaning there will be more meteors than usual.

Perseid meteors are tiny pieces of the comet Swift-Tuttle that orbits the sun every 133 years.

“Forecasters are predicting a Perseid outburst this year with double normal rates on the night of Aug. 11-12." says Bill Cooke with NASA's Meteoroid Environments Office in Huntsville, Alabama.

This year, the Earth is in for a closer-than-usual encounter with Swift-Tuttle comet trails which will make for a spectacular display!

"Under perfect conditions, rates could soar to 200 meteors per hour."

The last Perseid outburst was in 2009.

Experts say the best way to view the Perseids is to be outside between midnight and dawn Sunday morning. Rural areas away from the city lights are best. Showers can also be seen late Sunday night and early Monday morning.

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“Here’s something to think about. The meteors you’ll see this year are from comet flybys that occurred hundreds if not thousands of years ago,” said Cooke.

If you are able to grab a shot, send it to us and we may use it in a newscast or online:

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