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Advertise with WXOW and

The image attributes of a television commercial are considered more powerful than those associated with ads appearing in any other medium.  Those qualities of most authoritative, most exciting, most influential and most persuasive give an advertiser's message even greater communication clout.

Why advertise with WXOW?

The answer is simple!

-Creativity - television commercials combine sight, sound, action and color, allowing you to display your products and services and touch the emotions of viewers.

-Audience demographics and size is verifiable from national research companies: Correct programs + Proper Audience = Results

-Television reaches more of an advertiser's prospective customer base, in almost every major demographic segment for longer periods of time each day.

-Audible - Television commercials can be heard, which allows your message to reach the conscious mind, where many logic-driven prospects make their decisions.

-Image - Visually striking T.V. commercials allow your message to reach the sub-conscious mind, where many emotion-driven prospects make their decisions.

-Intrusive - Television reaches viewers while they are watching their favorite programs without any effort on their part, giving you the opportunity to reach more prospects.

-The public perceives television as the most "influential," "authoritative," "exciting," and "persuasive" advertising medium.

-Television is the medium where customers are most likely to learn about products.

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