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Gays Mills Residents Go Home


About a quarter of the residents who evacuated Gays Mills Monday returned home today.

Everyone keeps saying it looks like it did last year.

Just about everyone we spoke with say they had the same amount of damage in the same places if not a little more this time around.

78 year old Phyllis Drake returned home for the first time today.

She lives about a block from the Kickapoo River.

Just like last year her basement was completely flooded and she had more than two feet of standing water on the first floor of her home.

All the new appliances, flooring, and walls that her family just helped her replace need to be repaired again.

Her four children are all flying or driving in to help her pick up the pieces.

She says emotionally the heartache on her family has been the worse.

Most of the people living on Phyllis's block never returned home after last August's floods.

She says she is just one of six that moved back in thinking it would never happen again.

Now she asking herself the same question....will it flood for a third time?

City officials say the Kickapoo can hold about 3 or 4 more inches of rain but fear if their is more rain up north they could flood again

City officials are discussing a few options for local businesses and residents.

They have talked about raising some of the homes or relocating.

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