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Former President Bill Clinton Campaigns in La Crosse

Former President Bill Clinton tells thousands of people at a rally tonight his wife has the best plan to deal with subprime mortgage troubles. He says Hillary Clinton wants to freeze all foreclosures for 90 days and freeze monthly payments for five years for families making an honest effort to pay off their home loans. More than 2,000 people gave Bill Clinton a rock-star reception at the rally on the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse campus. They greeted him with a standing ovation and stayed on their feet as he began to speak. Finally he had to tell everyone to sit down and relax. Hillary Clinton faces Barack Obama in Wisconsin's Democratic presidential primary Tuesday. The former president is trying to convince voters to take a second look at the issues..and his wife's demonstrated ability to bring change. He says Hillary and Barach Obama agree on most issues....but pointed out some differences. Bill Clinton says; "Three that I can find. One she's for universal health care, the only one. She's the only one who wants to freeze the monthly mortgage payments of honest homeowners for five years and do it now. Third she voted against Dick Cheney's energy bill with its big tax cuts for the oil companies." The former president also pointed out that Barack Obama has not agreed to a debate in Wisconsin,as his wife has proposed. Her campaign suggests Obama is trying to protect a lead. Bill Clinton also addressed those voters who believe that in order to bring change,it takes new faces. He says those who have experience are those best able to bring change. Clinton says; "Or do you believe you learn something from making changes that help other people and that what you really need is a president who is into solutions. I think that action counts more than rhetoric, that solutions are more important that speeches no matter how beautiful. Thats what i believe you may disagree and have every right to. But you have to think about it." The stop in La Crosse was the last of four on Thursday in Wisconsin for the former president. Bill Clinton held similar rallies today in Milwaukee....Waukesha and Madison. Hillary Clinton will come to the state on Saturday for a Democratic party dinner in Milwaukee along with Senator Obama
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