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Gays Mills Floods Again


They evacuated Monday as the Kickapoo River was flooding the town.

The small town looks just like it did ten months ago, but this time there is about a foot more water.

Around one hundred and fifty residents leaving in the middle of town were forced to evacuate and most still haven't been allowed back in their homes.

All the roads entering the town are closed. The only way to get through Gays Mills is by boat.
Only city officials or residents with emergencies are being allowed into their homes. City officials say the water is too high and still moving too quickly to allow anyone else through.

Residents like Rick Wickard are stuck on the outskirts of town looking in. His house which was also hit last year is just about one hundred feet away. 
Depending on the damage this year he says he might move out for good.

Last August's floods forced about forty families to move from the Gays Mills area.

City officials worry after a second flood more families could move instead of trying to rebuild again. City officials say they hope the water will go down enough by Wednesday morning to allow residents back into their homes.

There is an emergency shelter in North Crawford High School.

The Red Cross is also providing food and cots to help those displaced by flooding.

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