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Office Oral Surgical Procedures

Most of the procedures done for our patients can be done in our offices on an outpatient basis.  Our office design and location provides an accessible and comfortable environment for outpatient oral surgery. Our Doctors have the training, experience and licensing to provide various types of anesthesia to optimize patient comfort and anxiety control.  Safety is always the focus of anesthetic technique and each room is equipped with modern blood pressure, pulse, EKG, and oxygen saturation monitors. All of our team members are certified in Basic Life Support and our Doctors are certified in Advanced Cardiac Life Support. Typically an office procedure involves a consultation, radiograph, exam, the procedure itself, recovery instructions, and prescriptions as indicated.  Because of the great distances people travel for services most of this process can be done with one visit to the office.

Extractions of Teeth
Wisdom Tooth Removal
Dental Implants
Exposure of Teeth for Orthodontic Treatment
Bone Grafts
Soft Tissue Grafts
Preparation of the Mouth for Dentures
Treatment of Dental Injuries/Lacerations

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