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La Crosse, WI

Obama plans to stop in La Crosse


With just 36 days before the election, La Crosse will once again host a major political rally as Barack Obama comes to town. Like some of the rest of the country, voters are evenly divided.

"I think hes the best hope for our country. We need to make alot of changes and I like his policies, ideas on health care, getting out of the war, improving our economy doing things for ordinary people like me," says Holmen resident, Eileen Young. 

Others don't agree.

"I'm definitely not a supporter I've been told he believes in abortions and I have no respect for anybody who believes in that," says Susan Burg.

Viterbo Associate Professor, Keith Knutson, says the state is a battleground. History shows it could go either way.

"Democrats have carried Wisconsin by very narrow margins in the last decades, last two decades really but it's always on the map a potential swing state so the margin of victory has been very narrow," says Knutson. 

Locals remember stops from political figures in years past.

"We have stops from Clinton during campaign of 200 and again 2004 so its been interesting we've had the collection of candidates. I think its a real compliment to us in La Crosse," says Tom Skinner, La Crosse Resident. 

As the election approaches, both parties say they will do whats necessary to make sure their candidates message reaches voters.

"There's no doubt that John McCain's maverick style of government along with Sarah Palin has really resonated with people here. We can feel the energy they have coming into the office. We have alot of people making phone calls and door knocks our office is full. Were going to have a ton of signs out shortly," says Nick Carow, Regional Field Director for Republican Party of Wisconsin.

While volunteers at La Crosse's Democratic Party OFfice make posters and phone calls, McCain supporters hope they get the chance to do the same, if their candidate makes a campaign stop in La Crosse before election day.

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