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Obama reaches younger generation


College students Chelsea, Kelsey and Molly say the future of America is in their hands.

"Sometimes it doesn't feel like that but this is the time, you can express your opinions, that is your right, your power," says Chelsea McManimon-Moe, college student.

College freshmen Kelsey Connor says now is the time to listen to the candidates' views and decide who you can relate to.

"They're voting you know whats just one vote gonna help, but you can't think like that," says Kelsey Connor, college student. 

Whether it's college students or younger those here say Obama relates to younger generations and they say he is the change that America needs to move in the right direction.

Loraine Dryak is making sure her two daughters who aren't even old enough to vote make a step along the right path.

"They have to make their own future. We can take them so far, but if they're not going to get involved they wont have a say about anything and all they do is complain when it doesn't turn out the way we like it," says Loraine Dryak, mother.

Obama Press Volunteer Steve Londre says by getting involved it allows him to reach his future goal of becoming a political science professor.

"It's extremely important to volunteer to come out and support your candidate whether you're Democratic or Republican. Get out there and participate in a democracy," says Londre.

 Londre says attending rallies like the one today, allows us to become part of history and have a say in our future, a chance for the voices in the crowds, to be heard.

Reporter---Julie Salomone, News 19.

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