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The price of beauty

If you're a woman you want to look your best.

Whether its having your hair styled just right, your make-up flawless, or your nails polished.

That beauty regiment doesn't come cheap.

Amidst the blowing drying and washing, you won't just hear talk about up-do's but the markets up's and down.

Onalaska resident and mother of two Jill Wilke says, "My husband and I both work in the health care industry.  Things are fairly secure."

Secure or not, Wilke is still being careful.

Wilke says, "Generally we've gone on a winter vacation, but we saved that money instead and we've not been buying frivolous things."

But, when it comes to frivols things, getting her hair cut and colored is not included.

It's something she does for herself.

Wilke says, "It's a relaxing, enjoyable day for me."

All this pampering and priming is just what businesses are banking on especially after the holidays.

Co-owner of Studio 2000 Shannon Goodell says, ""I think most businesses see a little bit of a slump in January and February, but I think we're pretty much on track to where we were last year."

She says, "Women don't want to feel like they don't look good, so they are not gong to stop getting their hair done and that helps."

Women also like to put their best face forward.

That's not changing, even in tough economic time.

Schoenfeld says, "I haven't really notice an impact in the buying of my clients."

Shoenfeld should know, she's been wheeling and dealing Mary Kay products for 28 years.

She says quality of product and customer loyalty helps fill orders.

Mary Kay Sales person Peggy Schoenfeld says, "For 28 and a half hears I've seen many ebbs and flows of the economy and I've seen double digit inflation and I seen several recessions and my business with Mary Kay has always remained pretty consistent."

With customers who don't put a price tag on beauty, businesses are optimistic about the future.

Goodell says, "We're very excited.  We have so many idea and plant for the future.  We're only going to grow from here."

Even though you can't count on everyone to belly up to the barber stool.  

Wilke says, "I'm lucky enough to have a husband who doesn't' have a lot of hair, so he just lets me spend money on mine."

Shannon Goodell and her husband recently bought Studio 2000.

She said she didn't really give the state of the economy much thought when she made her purchase, but has faith that it will pay off.

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