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Allison, Sylvan Student, Kurt and Cynthia, Sylvan Parents

"Allison was a spirited, confident, loving kindergartner in Kansas. Then we moved to Wisconsin, and everything was new and overwhelming for our little six-year-old. Moving from a state that is a little behind academically to a state ranked fairly high nationally is exciting and yet difficult for a first grader. (This is especially difficult when the first graders at your new elementary school are already at a third grade level!) As a parent, trying to determine what is truly best for your child can get foggy. Allison is a perfectionist who isn't perfect. She became angry and was quickly losing confidence while comparing herself to her peers. To intensify her experience, she was having a difficult time socially at school and was labeled as "mean". Allison was not "mean"; rather, she was frustrated beyond her capacity to express. Then we brought her to Sylvan. Allison received individualized tutoring with a fantastic reading teacher. She looked forward to her Sylvan days! Allison, along with her Sylvan teacher, worked toward building confidence and improving her reading. Together, we accomplished the miracle of miracles - Allison now reads at her level at school! She is adjusting well, and although she still isn't perfect, Allison enjoys going to school now. Allison still wants to jump into chapter books. Even though she's not ready for this step, we are thankful that she loves to read and listen to stories. Sylvan, thank you! Before becoming a part of your amazing program, I feared my bright, curious girl would lose gifts of curiosity, confidence, and the love of learning. Allison is devastated that she won't be able to see all of you four hours a week anymore. I feel like she is ready to become more independent. And should trouble arise, I know that you are there to help her before she "shuts down" again.

For a family who has a small budget-you have been so worth the investment! Thank you!"

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