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Sarah Normann, Sylvan Parent

"This summer, we were driving through Yellowstone National Park, and I pointed out the name of a lake (Sylvan Lake) to Jeremy. He thought that was very cool and wanted to take a picture by the sign. Jeremy started talking about how the fish in that lake must be very smart, and he wondered if the fish were in school that day. Jeremy started at The Sylvan Learning Center of La Crosse in the beginning of April 2004. Around the middle of May, I asked Jeremy if he thought school was getting better. I wanted to know if he thought that going to Sylvan was helping him at school. He said, "Yes, I can read better." Thinking that was a rather generic answer, I asked him again what he noticed at school. I will always remember what he told me. He said, "Yes, Mom, it is helping because I'm not always the last one done anymore!" 06/08/05- AN UPDATE ON JEREMY I always looked at the Sylvan ads as a "corny" thing. But I have lived the "this moment brought to you by Sylvan." I never dreamed Jeremy would progress so far. When we first came to Sylvan, he was nearly a year behind. Now he is nearly a year ahead. Jeremy came home one day and told me he got the best score in the class. That is something I never expected to hear him say. The time spent coming to Sylvan was the best thing I could have done for Jeremy. Testing him 7 months after he stopped coming, he continues to improve. The finest tribute to Sylvan and what Sylvan has done for him is that he does not need to come back. Jeremy has been chosen for his school's safety patrol in the fall, something only a few of the kids with good grades and responsibility are chosen for. It is something I never expected him to be chosen for. I would stand by the driveway and say, "Come to Sylvan to help your child." I can't say enough about what Sylvan has done for Jeremy!"

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