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February Tools for Schools winner will use funds to build playhouse/storage shed

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Lewiston-Altura, Minn. (WXOW) - The February Tools for Schools winner already has the tools and now they have the funds to get the materials they need for a big project.

One thousand dollars was rewarded to Joel Ellinghuysen, Construction Trades Teacher at Lewiston-Altura High School, thanks to our Tools for Schools sponsors Brenengen Auto Group, Dependable Solutions, River Bank, and The Board Store.

The construction trades class will use the grant money to purchase materials to build a storage shed and/or playhouse. The students would be learning the proper techniques of how a structure is built while using tools and machines. From framing to roofing, and several different aspects of the construction field, students will learn about the potential career through hands on experience.

"Most likely everyone of them is going to live in a house, probably own a house of their own someday so with these basic skills they should not be afraid to attempt some remodeling or even building their own house someday," said Ellinghuysen.

At the completion of the project, the structure would be sold to recoup some of the cost and invest it for the next project.

"Students would be involved in the decision making of the plans, estimating the materials, and completing the actual construction. The skills learned will help some of the students decide if the trades would be a career field they may be interested in pursuing and if not a career choice, it is definitely a skill that would help anyone throughout their life. With hands on activities such as this, students get to practice real world problem solving, real world math, real world communication skills, and time management to name a few,"  Ellinghuysen said in his application.

"This is the first time out and I was really excited to see that it was somebody in the trades because there is such a severe shortage in the trades so any emphasis on that for young people is great. There's great opportunity there," said Miles Wilkins of The Board Store, our newest sponsor of the Tools for Schools grant.

This grant would not be possible without our generous sponsors: Brenengen Auto Group, Dependable Solutions, River Bank, and The Board Store. We will be giving one teacher $1,000 each month for the remainder of the school year.

If you are a teacher and would like to apply for our Tools for Schools grant, click here.

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