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Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration announce a major grant to Family & Children’s Center

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LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) The Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration announced a $1.1 million grant to the Family and Children's Center Tuesday afternoon to help them grow their Child Abuse Prevention Program.

Sister Julie Tydrich, FSPA, is a past board member of the Family and Children's Center and the former chair of their finance committee. She explained that three years ago, FSPA shifted away from sponsoring institutions in order to focus more on the current needs of today.

"Seeding a legacy grew from that decision. As Franciscan Sisters, we reinvested resources from that shift into non-profit partners that sisters have supported in the past," said Sister Tydrich. "That is organizations that address current societal needs and reflect our sister's ministries."

Sister Tydrich said this year, they have committed to planting seeds with 23 partners locally, nationally, and internationally.

"We are distributing a $6 million total over three years with an aim to help each of them become more sustainable," said Sister Tydrich. "Today, we'd like to announce that $1.1 million will go to support Family & Children's Center over three years."

Family & Children's Center CEO and President Tita Yutuc, said they are beyond grateful for not only for the grant, but for their support for the last decade.

"For as long as we can remember, the FSPA community has been supporting Family & Children's Center and we are truly grateful," said Yutuc.

She said Family & Children's Center has roots in the community that date back to 1881. They have expanded from the state of Wisconsin to the state of Minnesota into five different communities with seven different sites.

"Our mission is to work with children and families along a continuum of services. Our hope is to provide them, to meet them where they're at, and to get them to become the very best versions of themselves," said Yutuc.

They do this, she explained by providing a continuum of services from prevention programming, to early intervention, to treatment interventions. Programs that many government agencies don't provide.

"Every year, FCC impacts thousands of individuals in our communities. Non-profit agencies like Family & Children's Centers, is dealing with social issues on a massive scale," said Yutuc. "This endowment support from FSPA seeding a legacy, will help to maintain and grow child abuse and prevention solutions for the Coulee Region."

She explained that every family that can be kept our of the circle of child abuse and out of the legal system, is a win for those individuals and their family, as well as the community.

"We are eager to put these funds to work to improve services to the most vulnerable, therefore creating better tomorrows for the individuals FC serves, their families, and the communities at large," said Yutuc.

The funding will go towards recruiting and retaining employees to invest in their development and innovation so they can lessen turnover of staff and keep staff.

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