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Rotary Club Shows Support for Essential Workers with Parade

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[UPDATE] LA CRESCENT, MN. (WXOW) - It was a beautiful day for the parade hosted by the Rotary Club. Residents of La Crescent and the local police displayed their support for essential workers and those affected by COVID-19.

LA CRESCENT, MN. (WXOW) - The stay at home orders are keeping us all cooped up inside of our homes, so the La Crescent Rotary Club is looking to spread some joy to their neighbors.

Starting at 2 PM on Saturday, May 2, a community celebration parade will be held throughout La Crescent. The parade is to show your support for first responders, EMT's, fire and police, and all others affected by the pandemic.

Rotary club member John Farmen hopes this parade can help bring some happiness to community members. "Knowing that there are other people in the community who are kind of tired of the isolation of the COVID-19, we understand how important it is but it gets tiresome after a while. We want people to feel like there is a light at the end of the tunnel."

The caravan will begin to line up at the Abnet Field in the parking lot starting at 1:30 PM. Anyone can take part in the parade.

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