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La Crosse Woman Celebrates 43 Years Teaching Jazzercise

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A La Crosse Jazzercise group is still going strong, and tonight they are celebrating their move to a new location.

A La Crosse Jazzercise group celebrates their new location.

La Crosse, Wis. (WXOW) - A La Crosse woman wanted to show people that exercise can be fun.  This month Debbie Dahl Schultz is celebrating 43 years teaching Jazzercise.

The women in Debbie's class say even though this type of workout is fun to do, it has real health benefits, too. However, most of the women taking her classes say it's the friends they've made throughout the years that keep them coming back.

Brenda Zitzmann has been doing Jazzercise for 15 years and says it keeps her young.  "It keeps up my strength and endurance. It's a lot of stretching so it keeps up flexibility and it's a lot of fun."

Jenny Pretasky took one of Debbie's class and was hooked. She came back so much that Debbie suggested she train to be an instructor. Jenny has been teaching for 23 years.

"You get up every morning and you just can't wait to be there and if you don't make it to class, you miss it."

Jen Wilkinson has been doing Jazzercise since she was eight years old.  Her mother attended Debbie's classes every week and brought her daughter with her.  Now she is still one of the youngest people in the class.

"We are here for everybody in the best and worst of times. We've been to weddings, we've been to funerals. We've been to parties. It's just really all the people."

Debbie Dahl Schultz has been teaching Jazzercise for 43 years and still enjoys every single class. 

"I still love to teach. I love the students. There's a family connection. It's fun. It's a great workout."

To learn more about Jazzercise email Debbie at or call 608-397-6884.

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