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Drone project takes flight with Tools for Schools

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Seneca, WI (WXOW) – Seneca students will get a new outlook on the world around them thanks to the Tools for Schools award. Laury Nelson is the latest recipient of the $750 grant from WXOW, SSE Music, Brenengen Auto and Dependable Solutions.


Nelson said her middle and high school students will benefit from using drone technology in a variety of subjects like geometry and wildlife conservation–even putting together the yearbook. With increasing use in a number of professional fields, Nelson is excited to use the technology to help better prepare her students for the future.

“There’s one thing looking it up online, doing some research, watching it, but actually getting it in your hands, having that control, that’s a really exciting feeling,” Nelson said. “And now they can take that into a job or career, put it on a resume at some point: I know how to fly a drone. I have drone experience.”

It’s also got her students seeing the practical application of what they’re learning.

“I don’t hear, ‘When are we going to use this?’ in this class. In my math classes: ‘Why are we doing proofs? Why are we doing this?’ I never hear that in this class,” Nelson added.

Each month WXOW, SSE Music, Brenengen Auto and Dependable Solutions choose one teacher or classroom to receive the $750 Tools for Schools award. Submit your application here.

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