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FOUND: Couple finds Oktoberfest Medallion

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UPDATE: Oktoberfest officials said late Monday morning that the Oktoberfest Medallion Hunt is over. The medallion was found.

A couple, Kate Lopas and John Kakacek found the 2021 Oktoberfest Medallion Monday morning under a bridge by the marsh trails near the Kwik Trip Distribution Center on the northside of La Crosse.

According to fest officials, Kate is the Director of Behavioral Services at Chileda and John is a civil engineer.

For finding the medallion, they'll both split the prize package of $500 cash and a souvenir medallion from Satory Arts.

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) - The annual Oktoberfest Medallion Hunt keeps on going!

Coulee Region sleuths can match wits with the "Clue Master" to find the hidden medallion.

One clue is released each day until the medallion is found or all ten clues have been given out.

The person or persons finding the medallion gets prizes including $500 cash and a souvenir medallion.

The rules are the same as in past years: The medallion is always within the La Crosse city limits, is never buried in the ground, always on public property, is accessible 24 hours, but posted hours should be observed, fits in the palm of a hand, and may be camouflaged.

Here's the first clue: (9/20)

We waited an extra 24 months to celebrate 60 years, grab your shoes and jacket to shift into the right gears; Prost! to bluffs, rivers, and hilly terrain, autumn in the Coulee Region is anything but plain.

Here's the second clue: (9/21)

The landscape architect from Massachusetts he came, penned the system that continues to gain fame; Parks and trails serving up lots of fun, get there early for the nearby spot to catch the sun.

Here's the third clue: (9/22)

Whether a trail of dirt, rocks or blacktop, stay the course with a plan to eventually stop; Watch for severe weather that could add some debris, be careful so you can make it scot-free.

Here's the fourth clue: (9/23)

A major playmaker for the city in the early 20th century, built a saintly stopping point in a hurry; Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, be on time or don’t expect any graces.

Here's the fifth clue: (9/24)

Big winds have supposedly ceased because of these, large, medium and small: something for everyone to please; One of the three will help direct you the way, discover which one and you won’t go astray.

Here's the sixth clue: (9/25)

Travel through beautiful marshland and refuge, you’ll find the vast area next to Ol’ Man River huge; Hints of the Twin Cities and the Windy City remain, in certain areas you’ll even glide by rails of today’s train.

Here's the seventh clue: (9/26)

Screened limestone provides a level path that’s somewhat rugged, along the route of the lasting rival competitor it often remains paralleled; Served as a thoroughfare for nearly a hundred years, since the ’70s part of the 400 state path with shifting gears.

Here's the eight clue: (9/27)

Dating back decades to a humble start in Eau Claire and La Crosse, quickly the company would not be at a loss; Now a Midwestern staple for those on the road, no matter if the trip is by truck or carload.

Good luck!

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