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Medical Monday: Cancer Prevention Month

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LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) - While the cancer death rate continues to decline, the diagnosis statistics remain staggering. The American Cancer Society numbers show more than one-third of people will face a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime.

February is National Cancer Prevention Month. Gundersen Health System Oncologist Dr. Kurt Oettel said changing trends account for these numbers.

Dr. Oettel said lung cancer deaths continue to drop due to fewer people smoking. He does remain concerned, however, with Radon causing cancer in homes, particularly not-well-ventilated basements. Testing kits are available at local hardware stores.

He said the big concern moving forward will likely involve lifestyle. More people could face gastrointestinal cancers because of obesity. Oettel said healthier eating and exercise remain the best methods to prevent cancer.

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