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Mayoral candidate offers drive up and sign up option

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La Crosse, Wis. - (WXOW) - On a snowy Sunday afternoon, one La Crosse mayoral candidate opted to offer a drive up and sign up option.

Mitch Reynolds, who is one of seven candidates currently running for the office of mayor, held a drive-up event. Those eligible voters who have not signed a nomination paper for any other candidate could sign his form.

"It allows people to make that choice, take part in the ballot signing process without us knocking on their door and all the difficulties associated with that," Reynolds said. "That was the idea."

The deadline to fill out and turn in all necessary documents is by 5 p.m. on Tuesday, January 5. A spring primary to narrow the field down to two candidates will take place on February 16. The general election is set for April 6.

The other six candidates include current city council President Martin Gaul, council member Jessica Olson, businessman Chris Stolpa, former head of the Chamber of Commerce Vicki Markussen, small business owner Sam Schneider and restaurant owner Greg Saliaras.