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Western Technical College kicks off fall semester with confidence

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LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) - A resource block party for students was held Tuesday at Western Technical College in La Crosse to celebrate the first day of classes. Free food, live music, prizes, haircuts, and more were a part of the first day of school activities.

“Well, today is the first day of the fall term, just an exciting time to have everybody back on campus. We have got a little bit more online, but not like last year when everything had to go. So, today with the welcome back they’re having an event to show that everybody at college needs a little bit of help," said Dr. Roger Stanford, President of Western Technical College.

The first day of school at WTC is much different than last year when most of the classes were online. This semester, more people are on campus and taking in-person classes. A number of online classes still remain but students are excited to be in person rather than virtually because it helps them learn better.

Emilia Lopez, a first-year student at WTC, says she is excited to be on campus. "I feel like online technically would be safer, but I do a lot better with in-person classes because I can get more of a one-on-one with my teacher and I wouldn't have to worry about internet connection," Lopez said.

Reiley Gogolin and Emanuel Cruz, first-year Welding and Fabrication students at WTC, are also happy to be taking in-person classes.

These first-year students chose Western over other schools because it is affordable and has a great reputation.

The college is following CDC guidelines but is not requiring vaccinations with the exception of some health programs.

"We are always going to be a face-to-face campus because we are a technical college and you have to get your hands into stuff to be able to learn some of the trades that we have," Dr. Roger Stanford emphasized.