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Homemade school lunches: Healthy or harmful?

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MADISON (WKOW) -- One thing a lot of parents didn't have to worry about during the pandemic was packing lunches for their children to take to school. Now, with most schools opening for in person learning we wanted to know: Are the lunches we're packing for our children the healthiest they can be? Dr. Madiha Saeed joined the Wake Up Wisconsin team to weigh in. 

"Two words: Real, food. Fruits and vegetables along with clean protein and healthy fats are vital for our immune system, our gut health, optimizing detoxification, and even balancing our hormone levels," says Dr. Saeed.

Doctors say organic foods are also a great option when it comes to packing lunches. 

"Our bodies are not meant to tolerate the 85,000 chemicals that they're being exposed to on a daily basis," says Dr. Saeed. "So, if we can limit the chemical exposure that the kids are being exposed to, that's going to help their body work better, because we know that pesticides are actually neurotoxic and they can lead to cancers.

And when you get rid of the bad stuff, our bodies can perform at their best, especially in the classroom. 

"Eliminating those or decreasing the amount of those chemicals and pesticides they're getting in their diet, the better their brains function, and then their bodies function," says Dr. Saeed. 

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