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Demonstrators demand reproductive freedom this Fourth of July

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Reproductive freedom

MADISON (WKOW) -- This Fourth of July, demonstrators are making a statement at the Wisconsin State Capitol.

With signs ranging from “Codify Roe” to “Ruth Sent Us,” they said they hoped to send a message that reproductive freedom is fundamental in the land of the free.

“We love our country for what it can be and for what it should be, not always for what it currently is,” Julie Mankowski, a Pro-Choice Advocate said. “Coming and protesting is one of the best ways to exercise our freedom of speech on the Fourth of July.”

In addition to making a statement with signs and chants, demonstrators also made a statement with a moment of silence that they held for the countless women they say will die now that Roe V. Wade has been overturned.

“Abortion is healthcare,” Trinity Rivera, a Pro-Choice Advocate said. “There's hundreds of different reasons that women need to get abortions.”

Meanwhile, Pro-Life Groups said they feel the country has their best interest at heart this Fourth of July. Wisconsin Right to Life sent the following statement to 27 News.

"Wisconsin Right to Life is celebrating the lives that will be saved following the Supreme Court's ruling. The pro-life movement is pro-women, pro-babies, and pro-life, and we recognize the need to protect innocent life from abortion while also ensuring women receive the care and support they need when faced with unexpected or challenging pregnancies."

But, demonstrators maintain their stance that abortion should be a free choice for all Americans.

“Consent, bodily autonomy, and personal will are probably the most important things we have as individuals,” Mankowski said.

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